North or East?

Friday Aug 27, 2004

N 40o 09’

W 149o 33’

Halfway: 1300 Miles north of Oahu, 1280 miles to San Francisco

Pick any and all that apply:

  1. You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows – Bob Dylan
  2. The answer is blowing in the wind – Bob Dylan
  3. The best laid plans of mice and men …Steinbeck ?

Yesterday, Thursday Aug 26, we decided decisively to make Seattle our destination. Friends and family were notified and the process of planning rendezvous’s  and making airline reservations was initiated. That evening two e-mails arrived via our SSB indicating that decision may have been premature. The first was from Commander’s Weather service. (Bob Dylan not withstanding, it does help to have a weather man to know which way the winds will blow next week.)  The most recent weather computer models indicate that if we head to Seattle, Lillian may be battling against north winds with 8-9 foot waves. In an effort to better guide us, the weather advisor inquired as to whether San Francisco or Seattle was the boat’s final destination. Neither, I replied, she’s going to Rockport Maine, on a truck. That leads to the second e-mail, which announced that the trucker we’d been planning to use for the Seattle to Maine route was no longer going to be available, through no fault of his own, but we do have a trucker lined up for San Francisco, last I heard.  Fortunately no airplane tickets have been booked, and we can still decide whether to continue east or turn northward come Monday, depending literally on which way the wind blows. Right now it looks as if San Francisco makes the most sense. Meanwhile, Lillian is moving briskly. I think she smells the barn.